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Last week I was lucky enough to venture down to Austin, Texas where it was 84 degrees. What an awesome escape! One day we ventured out to a nature preserve in the city where there were wild peacocks roaming the grounds. And, oh, hey, did you know it’s peacock mating season? Because THAT happened right in front of us. What a show!

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If you’re ever in Austin, I  highly suggest the Mayfield Nature Preserve. So lovely. Oh! And they do weddings…


Last week, I was thrilled to travel down to Arkansas to visit an old friend’s farm and take photos of her family and operation. Not only was I excited because it’s spring and the goats were scheduled to be birthing (!!), but I was probably just as excited to head down to some 55 degree weather for a few days. Although, I must admit, the return up north has been brutal.

Here are a few images from my visit — man, what a fun trip.

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Looking back at these photos, I can almost feel the warmth. I tell you what, June cannot get here fast enough!

Sweet Jesus this winter is testing me! I am craving spring so badly that I even bought a pair of floral pants yesterday! (I know! Who am I?)

Earlier this week, I zombie-walked into my nearest flower store demanding something bright and colorful to cheer up my office. And these are what I got. PERFECT!


What are you guys doing to stave off the blues this winter?

Man, I don’t know about you guys, but this winter is starting to bring me down! At first, I fought it by keeping up my fun, winter activities (shoots in the fresh snow! snowball fights! reading by the fire!), but by now I’m more in “survival mode.” This means I’m cooking up a storm (and working on my food photography at the same time). Below are a few of the things I’ve been eating lately.

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Just think how exciting summer will be with fresh veggies and salads! I cannot wait.


Last week I was lucky enough to escape the Minnesota cold for a few days and head down to New Orleans. It was my first time there, and man could I get fat in a city like that. Between the beignets, praline bacon, po’ boy sandwiches and fried chocolate pecan pie (omg, so good), it was a cholesterol-raising trip for sure. And since I’ve returned, I’ve been dining on chicken broth, smoothies and broiled fish in an attempt to regulate my bloodstream.

One of my favorite moments was when it dipped down to 32 degrees and the locals at the bar were all discussing how they could keep their yard chickens warm in such weather. They decided to move space heaters out into the yard. Ha!

Anyway! I thought you might want to see the photos. One note: If you see xxx on a grave, it’s a voodoo king or queen’s tomb and the xs represent favors asked or granted. Fascinating. Enjoy!

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