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As 2012 draws to a close I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all the beautiful couples I

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was able to work with this past year. Congratulations to all of them and I hope you enjoy these lovely brides as much as I did.0026 0031 0040 0053 0092 0095 0104 0109 0143 0149 0150 0169 0211 e_MG_9010


Marci and Rob first met in college. Their eyes locked across the room at a party and the rest is history…well…sort of. The rest actually goes like this: like many young loves, life took Marci and Rob in different directions. They both made other lives for themselves. Over 20 years later, both finding themselves single, the reconnected and let me tell you something…their eyes still lock from across the room with the same energy and love that I imagine was there when they first met. It was an absolute pleasure working with these two on their wedding day and I hope that 20 years from now they will still hold on to that same loving gaze as they did on this day.

I have never been entirely sure that I believe in love at first sight, but when I meet couples like Kirsten & Graeme, there is no denying that the phenomenon exists. These two lovebirds met while living in different countries and despite all of the odds, they were married a few weeks ago in the northern woods of Minnesota at the beautiful Juliane James Place. Kirsten & Graeme love each other in that way we all want to be loved; completely, unselfishly and quietly. Their wedding wasn’t flashy, stressful or dramatic; instead it was mellow and warm, and filled with people who loved them. Kirsten & Graeme: congratulations on winning the Rivets & Roses wedding giveaway; I hope you love these photos!

Whew! Emily & Adam had one. classy. wedding. You guys would not believe the attention to detail and the flawless execution. Can I also just say that the guests at this wedding may have been the best dressed of all time? Emily & Adam will always be a special couple for me because this was my first Jewish wedding. You’d think that since I am Jewish I would have had an opportunity like this before, but Emily & Adam are the first! They are a lovely couple who each waited a long time to find the right match and based on the way they GAZED at each other all day long, I think the wait was worth it. Emily & Adam: Mazel Tov on your beautiful wedding and on finding each other. Thanks for having us at your big day!

When I first met Julie & Erik I was immediately taken with their warm and mellow personalities and with the respect that they showed towards one another. When they told me that they’d met in college in geology club and that their wedding would take place at the Minnesota Zoo I

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knew I had to win them over. They must be mine!!! The way they handled their wedding was just how I expected. Their friends and family were kind and generous, the decor was bright and fun and Julie & Erik spent the entire day grinning ear to ear. The thing that impressed me most, though, was the fact that at our consultation these two asked me if I was okay with same-sex marriage. They wanted to make sure that they were working with vendors who shared their beliefs that all love is equally valid and important. If I hadn’t already been on board with having them as clients, this was what put me over the edge. Julie & Erik: thank you for inviting me to share your day and for being the open, caring and inclusive people that you are. I wish you many, many happy years together.