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Since it’s the dead of winter and weddings and shoots have slowed down a bit, I wanted to talk to you brides about light. We photographers worship the light. It’s the paint that makes our art, and we need it in one fashion or another to create the best possible images.


I have noticed in the last year or so that  more brides are starting to visualize their weddings. Not just plan it, but visualize it. I am pretty sure this is because of Pinterest. Yes ladies, I love the site as much as you do, and I’m thrilled you are turning to photographs for brainstorming your big day. THRILLED. This is because you can now show me what you like (sometimes saying it out loud and finding the right words is tough — I get that). The site helps us all brainstorm and visually communicate, and I think nothing but great things can come from it. Pin away, I tell you!


But I want you to notice something. I want you to look hard at all those images you’re posting and look at where the light is coming from. Are there large windows? Is the couple outside? Are there lots of trees? Is it dark and lit mostly by candle? I want you to notice the light because it’s like the “hidden” character in the picture.

Stay with me here. Did you ever watch Sex and the City? Yes? How many main characters were there? Many people would say four. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. But I would say five. I would add Manhattan. That city was like the character that made the show. It had good moments and bad moments and it had story arcs as well. And that’s kinda what the light is in your photographs. It’s not the subject, but it’s still required.


OK, still with me? Now think about the light as you’re pinning away on all of your favorite wedding photos and inspiration photos, and try to guess around what time the photos were taken. Nothing exact, but was it high noon? Are there shadows on the faces? Is everything bright and crisp? Or are things softer and warmer? Like late afternoon/early evening? This also should be considered. Taking images outside of all of your family and wedding party might be most practical at noon, but with the light directly above, there will be more shadows on the faces, so maybe you’ll want to push it back a bit.

Now wait. I don’t want to discourage you! We are, after all, a bunch of professionals who know tricks around such situations. We can totally make scenarios like the one above work. I’m talking about getting the best-possible situations here though, and I want to manage our brides’ expectations.

So when you’re trying to decide the timeline of your day or the location of your cocktail hour, the position of the sun or the number of windows might be something you want to factor in. And if you are overwhelmed enough without thinking about something as silly as light, then meet with your photographer beforehand. Show him or her the kind of photos you want and talk about your location and the two of you can create a game plan to get the kinds of images you want.


And don’t worry if it’s cloudy! I hear so many brides (and parents of brides) who worry that clouds will ruin their photos, but the clouds simply diffuse the light, making great light no matter the sun position (or timing), so clouds actually work in your favor.


And lastly! You should follow us over on Pinterest! It’s where we post a lot of our inspiration, as well as some of our own work.


In case you didn’t get a chance to head out and visit us at one of the bridal fairs last Saturday, here is a little peek into our European Booth!  The Rivets crew had a booth at Den store Bryllupsfesten (The big wedding party) and MN Bride’s, Look of Love.  I had such an AWESOME time meeting all the bride-to-be’s, grooms, designers, and stylists.  I was also lucky enough to be right next to Chelsea’s Cool Cakes…which kept an incredible aroma of sweet chocolate cake surrounding me all day.  Yes, yes I ate lots of samples…..Oh dear.

Don’t forget // You can still get in on the fair offer if you book by this Friday!  Just give us a hollar! Desiree Mostad, Rivets and Roses, Den store Bryllupsfesten, International Wedding Photographer, NorwayDesiree Mostad, Rivets and Roses, Den store Bryllupsfesten, International Wedding Photographer, Norway Desiree Mostad, Rivets and Roses, Den store Bryllupsfesten, International Wedding Photographer, Norway Desiree Mostad, Rivets and Roses, Den store Bryllupsfesten, International Wedding Photographer, Norway Desiree Mostad, Rivets and Roses, Den store Bryllupsfesten, International Wedding Photographer, NorwayDesiree Mostad, Rivets and Roses, Den store Bryllupsfesten, International Wedding Photographer, NorwayDesiree Mostad, Rivets and Roses, Den store Bryllupsfesten, International Wedding Photographer, NorwayDesiree Mostad, Rivets and Roses, Den store Bryllupsfesten, International Wedding Photographer, Norway

I’ve been walking by Brudesalongen in Stavanger for weeks now. Admiring, finding inspiration, and staring in awe at their beautiful window displays! I knew it was a must to pop in to say hi and see their dresses up close. The owners Birte and Hege, both trained as tailors and designers, met in the theatre department and decided to partner up to open Brudesalonngen 8 years ago. Brudesalongen translates literally to ‘Bridal Salon’ from Norwegian! They’ve transformed this adorable antique building into a modern bridal boutique with one of a kind service, gorgeous gowns, and accessories. I think they offer some of the best dresses in the area and most of all they care about their brides and customers!  “We’re not too old and we’re not too young – we can relate! We want the bride to be comfortable and be true to their personality.” says Hege.  For their own line of dresses they get inspiration from following the latest trends, magazines and nature, but also “We choose what we’d want to wear ourselves.” she says. The two travel across Europe and love going to the London trunk shows hand-picking every gown to hang in their store as well as unique fabrics to design and sew their own!  “We are quality tailors and we want to make sure the dress fits very well.”

I have noticed that weddings in Norway are a bit different from American weddings so I was courious to ask the two what  changes they’ve seen in the last few years and how the American bridal market has changed their business.  Birte mentioned,

“Norwegians are a bit more laid back when they shop, sometimes a bride will come alone to pick a dress out herself. But now they see they want something different, something magical, something to share!.  So, it’s a challenge for us but of course it is our service!  Brides that are watching the TV show ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ are influenced by it. They want to have an experience similar. They want to find a dress and share an experience with their friends and family. It should be something extraordinary. ”

Stop in to see their own line of dresses and the cute wallpaper (see below…aaadorable!) – or check out their website online and view the incredible designers! They feature Norwegian designers Sadoni and Leila Hafzi, who has a very bohemian look and uses a lot of silk. They also offer Danish, Spanish, and English designer gowns!

Below: Birte dressing a mannequin for the window display.  The pink dress is one of their own designs!

Below: Hege

The salon also carries to-die-for, designer shoes, hats and accessories!

 Rivets and Roses, Brudesalongen, and Leila Hafzi will all be showing at an upcoming bridal fair this winter.  We’re pumped for it – so stay tuned for more info!

Tis the season for Food! I had the pleasure of photographing (and eating!!!) food for the coolest club… Silver Spoon Supper Club. It’s run by Ampy Basa, who’s originally from Texas and has been living in Oslo, Norway for over 5 years. This motivated girl has combined her 2 passions, cooking and entertaining, to create a ‘Different Dining Experience.’ It’s a supper club run from the comfort and style of her own home! Ampy serves family style meals, in a warm and relaxing atmosphere for those who aren’t looking for the traditional restaurant scene.  It’s by invitation and word-of-mouth only…I’m telling you, it’s one of a kind!! : )
Her latest was an Autumn Feast, and since Norway doesn’t have a Thanksgiving…we got to celebrate a bit early. Ampy styled the table setting herself and cooked one fabulous meal! How adorable is the apple theme? Who’s planning an Autumn wedding!?! Here’s one idea for simple, classy and cozy….

Deeeeelicious Appetizers! YUM.


Woo hoo! Our Rivets and Roses team is looking for 1 perfect photographer to join our company as a lead!  Our amazing photographer, Louisa, has been with us for two amazing seasons and is embarking on her own journey after this year, so we are looking for one more incredible individual to join us! We have incredibly high standards and expectations for this position, so we are looking for someone who:

  • Has experience
  • Has developed their own photographic style and processing
  • Loves to shoot (but not necessarily loves to run a business)
  • Loves weddings
  • Is incredibly passionate about photography
  • Believes in outstanding customer service
  • Loves working in a team
  • Commitment
  • Inspiring Personality

If this is you, then we would LOVE to consider you for this position! Please send samples / links of your work and a resume to:

The deadline for applications is Friday, November 16th, 2012.

We’re excited to be growing and can’t wait to see all of the talent and opportunity out there!