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Rivets-and-Roses-Wedding-Photography-Bling-in-the-New-YearA new year means engagements! As many couples get engaged between Thanksgiving thru Valentines Day, this means engagement sessions are coming around the corner! Our Rivets and Roses team has expanded, and each photographer has a different style. You can now book a photographer that will be perfect for you and your loved one!

Here are our 6 artists. Click to view their portfolio!

Maggie Thea Jackson Melissa Ryan Bryan


I LOVE this weather. Bring the weekend on! For a fun share today, I will send you over to The American Edit. This blog is written by local girl Rita Mehta. It has quickly become the go to for finding quality, stylish American made fashions.  For a short time, you can see some of my work on her homepage. I shot Baldwin’s Kansas City store for TAE earlier this summer. So, if you are looking for some good Fall denim, check this story out!






Check out the August issues of Minneapolis Saint Paul Magazine for some of my resent Party patrol work.





I recently photographed some work for a gallery in Chicago, Volume Gallery. They curate shows from the work of contemporary furniture designers. Their works really ride that line between art and function. I’ll be in Chicago again at the end of the month to work on their next catalog, but here are some photos of their last projects that I photographed in January.

IMG_8996 IMG_9001 IMG_9004 IMG_9009 IMG_9015 IMG_9018



Interiors photography has been a love of mine for some time now. I recently photographed this amazing and light-filled residence for a client, who is an art advisor in Chicago. Stunning art. Stunning decor.