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When I was first met Briana and Jason I was shooting senior portraits for Jason’s sister, we started talking about their upcoming wedding and the rest was history!

When planning their engagement session we  wanted to capture the two of them where they first met, and like that we were off to Kieran’s Irish Pub in the heart of Minneapolis. I was so excited to have the entire place to run wild and get creative with these two.  After capturing the mood of Kieran’s we decided to head outside, if anyone as gone outside this winter you know there haven’t been too many “warm” days…


Once we got bundled up we ended up heading over to Loring Park to soak up what was left of the beautiful sun.

We ran around, sat on some snow covered benches, and ran around the park. Boy was I happy I wore boots!


I am so excited to shooting Briana and Jason’s wedding this summer at the Gitchi Gammi Club up in Duluth, MN.

Ok, so it’s the end of winter & I am so completely over it. I usually dread that very “brown” time, after the snow is gone & before the grass turns green…this past week we had some higher temperatures which started to melt the massive amounts of snow everywhere & I can honestly say seeing all of the brown ground peeking out through the snow put the biggest smile on my face! Did you know that this Thursday is the first official day of Spring?? I am so EXCITED!!! The only reason I’m glad that there is still snow on the ground is because of this Engagement Session. We’ve had this bonfire idea brewing for a little while now & this past weekend it all came together! So thrilled for these brides-to-be! For now, just a sneak peek while I get everything edited! Enjoy!

Same Sex Engagement Session

Shooting an engagement session this holiday season is both thrilling (because OMG I love the snow!) and terrifying (because OMG IT IS SO DANG COLD OUTSIDE!). Part of this challenge lies in finding a location that will allow for lovely images both inside and out, and luckily for us the Como Zoo and Conservatory did just that. The other part that is important? Couples that are totally low key and who just want to have a good time and enjoy the shoot. Holy cow, these were those people.

We had so much fun catching the end of the day’s light and playing in the snow — even if it was about 2 degrees outside. I am so excited for the wedding this summer!













Finally! I got to shoot an engagement session in the snow! Not just with snow on the ground, but full of flakes coming down from the sky! It was lovely. And the adorable couple didn’t hurt any, either.

I had so much fun meeting Elizabeth and Mike for the first time in person (they live on the East Coast) and photographing their engagement session the weekend before Christmas. Not only were they kind and gracious, but they were totally willing to lose their coats and run out in the snowfall for a few shots. I love it when couples come to play!

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I love getting to know my clients. I love getting to know their stories. I love chatting, & laughing, over wine after a beautiful sunny afternoon & feeling like we are just old friends catching up. And I can tell you right now, without a doubt, I am going to love photographing this wedding!

Usually an Engagement Session is included in the collection that my couples purchase. In this case Melissa & Laura won an Engagement Session from another photographer so they really didn’t need me to to photograph another Engagement Session for them…but what a lot of photographers will tell you…is what’s nice about an Engagement Session is that I get time to work with the two of you prior to your wedding day to see how you best fit together. I absolutely LOVED working with my photographer on our Engagement Session when Dave and I got married. True story – I hated the way I looked when I kissed my soon-to-be-hubby in our Engagement Photos…so what did we do?? Practiced for the big day! And I can honestly tell you I LOVE every kissing photo we have from our wedding! Haha! Dave will tell you there was too much kissing at our wedding…but I digress…not only was it beneficial for me to see me/us but it was also beneficial for our photographer to see how we looked/photographed best together…makes walking into the wedding day a little less stressful for your photographer for sure!

So before we sat down over wine to chat through the details of their wedding day, Melissa, Laura & I drove around in their bright orange convertible beetle bug (SERIOUSLY LOVE!!!) until we found a sunny little park…enjoy!

Engagement Session

Same Sex Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Same Sex Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Same Sex Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Same Sex Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Just a guess…but I think they MIGHT be excited for the big day!

Same Sex Engagement Session