Welcome to Rivets and Roses Photography!

I started Rivets and Roses about five years ago, and it’s been nothing but amazing. We started small with only one photographer under this brand and have grown into this amazing studio with six brilliant artists.

I believe in being the best and surrounding ourselves with amazing people.

Each of our photographers have been hand picked by yours truly and I have put my stamp of approval on all of them. They are all people who are just as solid in their work as they are as human beings which is so important to me. I believe in being the best and surrounding ourselves with amazing people. I also have very high standards in what it means to offer a fantastic product and to give you, our clients, the best overall experience you could ever have on your wedding day.

I, myself, have been a photographer now for 14 years, under my own brand, Photogen Inc, and I know talent when I see it.

Rivets and Roses is a studio designed for you to connect with and find your perfect photographer. Each of our artists are experienced professionals who have been working in the industry for quite some time. They are also people with fabulous personalities and amazing customer service. Our goal here is to have fun – to really connect with our clients and document this special part of your life along the way. We believe in relationships and truly building those with you.

So, go ahead. Look around. Take some time to get to know our photographers and hopefully you’ll fall in love.

Eliesa Johnson


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