Hello Blog Readers! Welcome to the official voting for the 2012 Rivets and Roses Wedding Giveaway! The three amazing couples below have all sent in their nominations and would LOVE for Desiree to be their photographer! The winning couple will be decided by you, the public! Please take the time to read each couple’s story and cast your vote for who you think deserves to win this amazing giveaway!

Couple #1// Jessica & Tyler

Wedding Location// Hometown of Walker, MN

Their Story// These two officially met back in the 8th grade when Tyler was a lanky smart kid and Jessica was a pint-sized blonde. Their relationship survived high school and on thru college. Tyler and Jessica have grown together over the years and decided to take jobs at the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport together. They worked incredibly hard to save their pennies and have taken the opportunity to travel the world together.

Never in my life have I known, or do I believe I will ever meet a more unique and perfect pair. They appreciate life as it comes and they are living theirs to the fullest each and every day. They see natural beauty in all things and appreciate what the world has to offer. As individuals they are talented, imaginative, spontaneous, and appreciative of the opportunities they are blessed to have been given. As partners, they are a true example of real love, real life, and real happiness. I’ve watched them grow as individuals and also as a couple and their story gives me hope that true love is not just a fairytale. I know, more than anything, this would mean so much to both of them.  As artists themselves, they see and feel the beauty behind the work and have a deeper respect for it than most.

Couple #2// Gena & Brent

Wedding Location// Mill City, Minneapolis

Their Story// Brent and Gena met at the preschool that she was working at at the time. His daughter happened to be in the class next door to Gena’s. Brent was a divorcee and something about him just spoke to her. Maybe it was his calm, laid back demeanor or maybe it was his awesome shade of red hair. For Gena, it definitely was the way Brent was with his daughter – so loving, so patient, so genuine, and so tender. Something about him just made sense. The two finally went on our first date on a Friday the 13th. It was one of those beautiful summer nights in Minneapolis – the kind that make enduring three months of winter hell all worth it. He brought her flowers and they walked to the Modern in Northeast for dinner. Afterwards they went to the Electric Fetus birthday party and ended the night with some drinks at Mackenzie next door. All in all, it was a pretty perfect night. The most perfect thing about it was how a couple of really imperfect people were so at ease with each other the whole time. It just made sense. To Gena, she had met someone who felt like home.

We are planning a very low-key affair that is hopefully just really a reflection of us as a couple. The day really is about celebrating with our family and friends. I want our wedding to be memorable, but not in the traditional over-blown, platinum, princess type manner. I have spent more time planning out the music that will be played rather than worrying about finding a dress! We want to have an awesome photographer to capture our special day in a beautiful and creative way. We are looking for images that are both classy, but unique and edgy. We are really just a very simple couple, who have never spent money on good photography but would love to experience and own some great photos (of us, even!)

Couple #3// Jennifer & Bart

Wedding Location// Jackson Street Roadhouse, St Paul

Their Story//A mere 3 years ago, Jennifer was perusing Match.Com looking for love, and spied a black and white photo of a coffee shop type boy thoughtfully looking at his Mac book. She thought he looked cute and quirky, so she winked at him and he winked back. The two started emailing long novels of flirty funny information back and forth. They connected over comic book movies and it was a sign, because Bart is a comic book artist! Their first date was on September 5th, and the highlight of the night was sitting in Mears Park listening to Haley Bonar while sneakily peeking at each other from the corners of their eyes. Jennifer and Bart got engaged December 15th, and unleashed a very funny YouTube video we made to announce their engagement.

I would say anyone that has found that better half and is getting married deserves for it to be documented through the eyes of a camera. Being married for 4 years, I often think back to that day and look through my pictures, feeling every happy moment over again. Pictures speak to us and they remind us of wonderful happy and emotional times. When you have 2 people that are so perfect together like Jenny and Bart, you can’t help but feel that their love is little more unique and rare. Never have I seen 2 people who seem like more of a perfect fit. We always tease Jenny that she has found the male version of her. When I first met her, I was like wow this girl is a goofball and we became fast friends. Never ever did I think I would meet anyone like her… and then I met Bart, who is just so in-sync with her, it is ridiculous. So in my mind, yes I feel that they are more deserving to have amazing wedding photos because I want them to look back and feel the joy of their wedding and love for each other over and over again. – Laura, the Maid of Honor

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