Hello Blog Readers! Welcome to the official voting for the 2012 Rivets and Roses Wedding Giveaway! The three amazing couples below have all sent in their nominations and would LOVE for Louisa to be their photographer! The winning couple will be decided by you, the public! Please take the time to read each couple’s story and cast your vote for who you think deserves to win this amazing giveaway!

Couple #1// Kirsten & Graeme

Wedding Location// Juliane James Place, Finlayson, MN

Their Story// Kirsten and Graeme’s story reads like it’s from a different era.  They met at a Phish concert last fall and completely fell in love.  Within two months they got engaged and they thought, why wait? They just knew. The fact that they live in different countries didn’t even stop them! Kirsten and Graeme chose Sept. 22 , 2012 as their wedding date, because it is the autumnal equinox.

They believe in love the way you can only hope a couple believes in love when they get married.  Some people think that sort of love is foolish but some of the greatest love stories started when people just trusted their instincts and went with it like Kirsten and Graeme are doing.

Couple #2// Abby & Brian

Wedding Location// San Francisco, CA

Their Story// Abby and Brian are both from the Midwest, but met out in San Francisco while looking for love on Match.Com. They two clicked on their first few dates and decided to be exclusive from then on. Six months later, the couple moved in together and two years after that, Brian surprised Abby on a beach with an engagement ring.  She never saw it coming but was more than excited to shout yes!

I am pretty silly and goofy and am up for almost anything.  Brian has the style and thoughtfulness, not to mention he is very good at making cocktails.  We are both laid back in different ways. and love to run, hike, surf and hang out in parks with the dogs. San Francisco is a fun city and I think Louisa, as a photographer and artist, would like it, along with the redwoods and bridges – and who doesn’t love a good trolley ride!

Couple #3// Rachel & Matt

Wedding Location// Shoreview Community Center

Their Story// Rachel and Matt met through an online dating service in June of 2008. They instantly connected and their mutual love of music and performance has played a big role in their relationship, as they spent many early dates singing karaoke at local bars. The couple also took comedy improv classes together, performing several times in front of audiences. In June 2010 they attended W00tstock at the Guthrie Theater a “special event for geeks and music.” Matt contacted the organizers and planned a proposal in front of the entire audience, and was even aided by actor Will Wheaton. Rachel and Matt were married in a civil ceremony on February 1st, 2012 and are now planning their reception!

My sister and husband’s wedding reception is going to be as unique as they are, and completely nontraditional. Not being ones to conform and take part in the typical wedding traditions, they opted for a quick 5-minute ceremony during the week and chose to stray from the traditional wedding garb. For their reception they are having a potluck and are requesting that each guest bring a dish to share. Additionally, they decided that if this a reception to celebrate their union then it should include things that they enjoy doing together. That being said, an improv comedy troupe will be performing for wedding guests, there will be karaoke, and their table centerpieces will be board games. I believe Rachel and Matt deserve to win because being nontraditional as they are, they cut all possible costs when planning their ceremony and reception – this includes hiring a photographer. Having had a small wedding myself, I too did not have a photographer and have always said that was my one regret – not having any great photos for that special day. Their reception promises to be so fun and unique, it would be a shame not to have someone as talented as Louisa capture those moments. I love my sister and brother-in-law dearly and want them to have beautiful photos to remember their special day.

Voting is open from//

March 8th @12:00pm – March 15th @11:59pm

You are allowed to vote for one couple per day.

The polls reset 22 hours after your last vote!

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