Meet Katie and George, if you make it to a show at the Guthrie keep and eye out for Katie and George, they don’t miss a show!
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Ah 2014, your rainy weddings are providing so many lush backdrops, amazing umbrella shots and lots of puddle photos. But you know what else? Let’s knock it off with the mosquitos, shall we? God bless this couple here who braved that buggy path for the shot I wanted. Also? Let’s be thankful for their flexibility on a stormy day! More from this wedding in a few weeks, I promise…


Interiors photography has been a love of mine for some time now. I recently photographed this amazing and light-filled residence for a client, who is an art advisor in Chicago. Stunning art. Stunning decor.


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph Emma. She is an inspiring model in the Minneapolis/ Saint Paul area and was looking for some simple head shots, here are a few of my favorites.

Emma-10 (Custom) Emma-11 (Custom) Emma-27 (Custom) Emma-30 (Custom)


A few weeks back, I photographed the lovely Elizabeth and Mike over at Semple Mansion. It rained a bit (I think it might have rained on each wedding day I’ve had this  year! Or snowed…), but everyone took it in stride and was happy for the good luck it would bring. As a photographer I always love photographing at this mansion because it allows for fabulous getting ready photos, ceremony and reception, all at one site! You can see the details of the day below. Enjoy!

01w 02w 04w 03w 056together 11w dressing 29w 12w 13w09w21w 20w 22w 24w25w ceremony15w31w30w 16w couple 28w 32w  33w36w 37w


Also! Special thanks to Jess Eckstrand for her ninja second-shooting skills!