Kate and Karl are a power couple who own a wedding photography business called Tandem Tree. I was honored to have the opportunity to turn the camera onto them for once. These highlights from their intimate spring session shows how great of a couple they truly are.



Minneapolis-engagement-photography-8 Minneapolis-engagement-photography-7 Minneapolis-engagement-photography-5



If you haven’t heard of the Walker’s online-only exhibit ‘Minnesota by Design‘ here is a good opportunity to change that. Hop on over to see a range of work by artists that the Walker is featuring as a type of fabric of Minnesota design. Our photographer, Thea has a small byline. She shot the piece titled ‘After U.R. (A Magnetic Superbox) by Minneapolis based RO / LU.

JSWEDDING195Photo by Ryan Stadler

After a long winter we are loving bright white and colorful wedding floral arrangements! From bouquets to boutonnieres we are loving the mix of flowers and a touch of etiquette floral to add that pop of texture.

Jackson Portfolio (14 of 93)Photo by Jackson Faith

BradAlyssaWED__65A6126Photo by Maggie Witter

JSWEDDING135Photo by Ryan Stadler












Rivets and Roses team member Ryan Stadler had the great pleasure of photographing the L’atelier Couture Bridal, and Tara Latour runway show this past weekend. This event had so many fantastic vendors on board, and they all did such a great job putting on this event! Haus Salon, Ashley Fox Designs, On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals, Architectural Antiques, Johnny and Dottie, Patisserie 46, Paperista, Sky Focus Films, Essie Nail, Flow Event Group, Velvet Raptor, White Peacock Style, Mpls. St. Paul Magazine, Gateaux Inc.


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Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-5Local event planner Gretchen, from Twirl Events, created a jazzy Speakeasy-esque fete for a local capital management company looking to treat their employees. The Nicolette Island Pavilion was transformed into a dark and spotlit club, fit with a cocktail bar, wine and beer tastings, and a build-your-own mashed potato buffet. Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-1 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-2 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-3 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-4 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-6 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-7 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-8 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-9 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-10 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-12 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-11 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-13 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-14 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-15 Minneapolis-Event-Photographer-16